Adi Dharam mission to Punjab (1861)

In 1861 MahaAcharya Hemendranath Tagore (the newly appointed  head of the Tattwabodhini Sabha which had refused to associate with the anti-Brahmo Keshab Sen) published the Brahmo Anusthan (Code of Brahmo doctrine and principles). The famous Adi Brahmo preacher Pundit Navin Chandra Rai ("Roy") was sent to Punjab and spread this new faith and opened many Adi Brahmo houses of worship all over Punjab (West and East) at Jullundur, Lyallpur, Lahore, Amritsar etc. People of all faiths and castes without distinction flocked to the new creed, and over 580 Pandit families were enrolled till 1870. Subsequently the Oriental College was established at Lahore by Pundit N.C.Rai.